It’s the little things

Last night my friend stopped by to share some apples that she picked from a local orchard. There is only a short window of time that the honey crisp apples are perfectly crisp and sweet. Such a small gesture meant so much. To be thought of and have a moment to visit, laugh, and enjoy a sweet apple at perfection.
And so it is with our kids. It is the little things that they seem to remember and cherish in their childhood. I wonder at the things my children remember. They will say things like, “I love when we would put up a sheet over the living room entrance and pop popcorn and have family night at the movies (we did it twice) or “remember when we always walked to the ice cream store and all shared the giant sundae?” Small moments become big memories later in their lives.

This blog is to celebrate the little things we enjoy at Journey Education and to remind you to take time for little things with your children. Time to sit by your child’s bed side and tell a story about when you were young, time to eat a bowl of cereal together, time to laugh, play, and let the world go by with only you, your child, and the moment. Because, like with the honey crisp apples, there is only a small window of time before they are grown up.

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