Thank You Journey Teachers!

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs out there, and one that makes the most difference in a child’s life. We have all had a teacher that is an important part of our growing up and learning. One that made us feel important, that sparked a joy for learning, or that we felt safe to learn with or fail with.

At Journey our teachers are the very best! I wish every parent could sit in a Journey Education staff meeting and hear the discussions of pride over a students’ success, or the concern over a struggle, you would be in awe at the loving and nurturing place your student is acquiring their education.

The biggest payoffs of teaching are seeing the “ah ha” moments in a child’s face or watching a child blossom as they learn to read and write. I love to visit our kindergarten class and see the wonderment in those children’s eyes, or walk into a middle school class and hear a discussion on literature, or listen to a 3rd grade student explain how excited she is about writing.

Next time you are visiting with your child’s teacher, make sure to thank him or her for the wonderful experience your child receives every day at Journey.

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