Guiding children in their educational journey


Journey Education’s academics provides students with a strong foundation in reading, writing, grammar, math, science, and history. Students graduate from Journey as confident learners who are ready to begin a successful high school experience that will lead to higher education. Journey graduates have successfully attended a variety of high school settings from private, charter, magnet, and public schools.

Personalized Learning

Journey offers a unique individualized education for its students. Multi-age grouping with a small teacher-to-student ratio enables your child to work at academic ability rather than age. The core subjects are offered at the same time throughout the grades. This facilitates students that are up to more rigorous academics to be challenged and prevents struggling students from falling through the cracks.

Multi-Age Learning

As a private K-8th Grade school, Journey offers a unique individualized education. Multi-age grouping with a small teacher-to-student ratio is set up to meet the needs of each child. Class schedules are aligned throughout the school day to allow students to be placed by ability rather than age. Small class sizes allow for each student to become successful.


Beginning each quarter students meet individually with their teacher in order to choose an academic goal or goals they will work on. Throughout each nine weeks, students continually review and work on their goals with help and encouragement from teachers.

NWEA Testing

Fall, Winter and Spring the MAP test is administered to all Journey students. MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress and paints a picture of students’ progress and instructional level from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Assessments are administered on the computer and measure math, reading, language usage abilities. The computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student’s test is unique. For more information on our testing refer to:

  • It is a great school, my son loves it! The students get all the one on one time they need. All of the teachers are good with the all the families knowing each other. One of the best things about Journey is the communication! The administration is key on making sure both the students and families know what is going on both with activities and events with school.