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Schedule a tour. We love to visit with parents who are passionate about their child’s education and look forward to meeting with you.

We also encourage parents to read the 2019-2020 Parent Student Handbook.

Current student registration begins February 1st. Current student registration fees and paperwork must be in before open enrollment to ensure your child’s seat. Open enrollment for new students begins February 15th. New students can apply to Journey and schedule an admissions assessment at any time of the year. However, the application will not be considered and the assessment will not be performed until after February 15th.

The information from the assessment helps the administration and teachers plan accordingly in order to best challenge your child.

Journey Education admissions process is as follows:

1. Students are admitted to Journey based on space and following a one-on-one admissions assessment. This assessment takes approximately one hour and includes reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and math skills. In order to make an appointment for your child’s assessment Journey must receive the completed admissions application, Parent Authorization, and a $50 non-refundable assessment fee.

2. Before your child’s admission assessment, Journey must have received all school records from his or her previous school. This normally takes a few weeks. Parents/Guardians can expedite this process by picking up the records at your child’s previous school and delivering them to Journey. If your child’s school records have not been received by the scheduled assessment date then the assessment will need to be rescheduled.

Waiting List: If there is not currently a spot open in the needed grade, your child can be put on a waiting list. In order for your child to be placed on the waiting list the admissions application, parent authorization, and non-refundable assessment fee must be received. Journey will perform the admittance assessment and then place your child on the waiting list.

One-on-one initial assessment

Following a tour of Journey Education, a one-on-one assessment with your child is scheduled to determine school acceptance as well as the child’s academic level in the areas of reading, spelling, writing, and math. The information from this assessment helps the administration and teachers plan accordingly in order to best challenge your child. At any time, based upon your child’s maturity and rate of learning, he can progress forward to higher levels. We believe there is no limit to your child’s potential.

••••••••••••••••••••• 2019 – 2020 Tuition & Registration Fees •••••••••••••••••••••

Payment option is based on 12 monthly payments. If you are registering after June of the upcoming school year call the office for an updated payment schedule.

12-month payments must be set up as direct auto payment.

Assessment Fee: $50.00     Application Fee: $165.00    Curriculum Fee: $300.00

4 Day Tuition – 12 Month Payments $620/month, Annual Tuition: $7,400.00

5 Day Tuition – 12 Month Payments $725.00/month, Annual Tuition: $8,710.00

Sibling & pay-in-full discounts available.

  • Journey has done a great job in making our son "want to go to school again" after 2 years at a local private school where the rigidity simply wasn't working for us or him. I attribute this success to several things: The student teacher ratio is low which allows for far greater attention to individual needs. Second, the school is run by educators, not administrators so the focus is on the principles of education, not just the P&L. Third, they teach to your child's ability via combined classes. If your child excels in one area, for that subject they can attend class with a higher grade and then return to their grade for other subjects - a very individualized approach. Lastly, for us, the "4 day a week" option allows us, as a family, a heck of a lot more options for things such as doctors appointments, other interest such as sports or art classes, 3 day weekends all the time, etc. Frankly it seems like Journey took the best concepts of other schools and implemented them in a small private school. Very happy here.