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What Kind of Parent Will You Decide to Be?

Did you know that you can decide ahead of time what kind of parent you will be?Consciously making decisions about how you want to be with your child is the
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The Magic of Reading Begins in Kindergarten

When my oldest child began kindergarten, 30 years ago, she spent each week focusing on a specific letter. At the end of the year she had thoroughly colored, decorated, and
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Is it Good to be Wrong?

As a parent, our children learn from our examples. This includes our good and bad behaviors. The good news is that our imperfections and mistakes can create a healthy example
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Making History on the Nevada History Trip

The Nevada History trip for our 4th and 5th graders was a blast The student’s itinerary was non stop from the time we met at the airport at 4 am
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5 star Dad – making improvements at Journey!

Have you noticed the many safety improvements around Journey? If so, you are seeing the hard word of the Fun Run Fundraiser in action! Because of your participation, the Fun
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Did You Hear About….?

….How gossiping has a negative effect on children? It is true that gossiping fulfills fundamental needs like feeling a connection with others, providing entertainment, or helping us to feel better
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