Doesn’t life seem to run at the speed of light? There are days I dread getting out of bed, because once my feet hit the ground I know there is no stopping. It can be exhausting and nearly impossible to find family time. In this crazy, busy world, it is vital to find time to connect with our family. This can be a difficult challenge. And what connecting looks like for each of us is different as well as how much time makes us feel connected is different.

Consider what you are doing with your family when you feel a connection with them. Is it in the morning when you are all getting ready, in the car as you drive from place to place, going for a walk, over a meal at the end of the day, or maybe doing chores together? Don’t laugh at that last one. Read on.

Research has shown that when we are actually working as a family or doing something difficult together that we tend to grow closer. A study once followed families on several different kinds of vacations. One group of families enjoyed vacations at a resort or theme park or beach… the typical relaxing vacation. While another group chose a vacation that was more difficult, like hiking for several days and camping in the open, or going to an underdeveloped country and doing humanitarian work. The results… the families with the atypical, not so relaxing vacations, actually showed results of greater unity and concern for one another. I’m not saying that you should throw away your plans to sit on a Hawaiian beach together, but this is good backing for making sure we are finding time to work or do physically activities as a family.

Every family is special, unique, and different. We all have our unique challenges and concerns in raising our family. As we work to do our best in the day to day hurry of life look for ways that unites your family. Find your family’s sweet spot.