Did you know that you can decide ahead of time what kind of parent you will be?
Consciously making decisions about how you want to be with your child is the first step to truly being that kind of parent.
These decisions are especially important when things get frustrating and hectic. It won’t be perfect, but making those decisions will help you act or react in the way you want to show up.

Examples of parenting decisions include:

  • I stop and listen to what my child has to say.
  • I seek to understand where my child is coming from and why he may have acted a certain way
  • I find the humor in parenthood rather than getting offended or frustrated
  • I pick creating memories with my child rather than getting things done on my to do list
  • I will let it be okay that it takes time to get places
  • I honor and value my child’s individuality
  • I don’t expect my child to be perfect

Take time and write what decisions you will use as guidelines to your parenting. Doing this little exercise could be one of your most powerful parenting tools in deciding how to show up for your child in the moment.

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