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Kindergarten at Journey is Magical!!!

Journey’s kindergarten program lays an educational foundation where the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math are emphasized in a small and intimate class setting. Children learn through small and whole group instruction, as well as self-directed center activities.


  • Journey’s kindergarten reading instruction creates strong readers. Instruction focuses on the 6 components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonetic instruction, decoding, sight word recognition, print concept, and spelling.
  • Literatures is taught in weekly story studies where students work together to recognize the components of a story including character, setting, problem solving, cause and effect, and inferring.
  • Students are introduced to beginning grammar and learn to recognize concepts such as proper nouns, verbs, and adjectives in their reading.


  • The foundation of writing begins with learning to put simple independent ideas on the paper.
  • Proper letter formation and handwriting skills are taught and practiced.
  • Writing lessons promote differentiated instruction by allowing students to work at their own pace.


  • Students develop a strong math foundation in addition and subtraction. Strategies are taught as they work to solve real-life math problems.
  • Number sense and recognition is emphasized, such as number order, one-to-one comparison, and place value.
  • Foundational concepts such as money, time, place value, odd and even numbers, story problems, and fractional parts are introduced and practiced.

Social Studies and Science

  • Students focus on the world around them in two-week units from dentist and dinosaurs to weather and water.
  • Students experience each unit through background knowledge, vocabulary development, stories, videos, and reading. Each unit ends with a memorable hands-on activity or experiments that brings excitement and life to the subject.