“Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For we are connected, one and all” Deborah Day

I am a big believer that we all make the world a better place as we work together in support for a greater cause. It is amazing to see many of you give your time and support in creating an amazing place for our kids to learn and grow.

We are ever so grateful to our Annual Sponsor, Battle Born Injury Lawyers, who has supported Journey three years running. Battle Born’s sponsorship has been a key component in supporting events and fundraisers at Journey over the past years.

Matt Hoffman, a Battle Born attorney, Journey parent, and Journey Education board member has been a supportive and active participant at the school. We appreciate the knowledge, support, and insight he brings to the table as the board makes important decisions.

A big thank you to Matt Hoffman and Battle Born Injury Lawyers for your support of Journey Education!