Have you noticed the many safety improvements around Journey? If so, you are seeing the hard word of the Fun Run Fundraiser in action! Because of your participation, the Fun Run raised enough money to reach our goal and improve safety at Journey.

But these projects don’t get done by themselves, and take a great deal of time and energy to see them to fruition. Behind the scenes, working steadily so that we can all enjoy these improvements you will find a Journey dad, active JPO member, and Journey board member, JIM SMITH.

There is no way to adequately thank Jim for the many hours he has put into seeing that these projects are started and completed. From getting bids, hiring contractors, researching, making decisions, and following up each job, Jim has been there every step of the way!

Here is a list of the improvements Jim made sure got done: privacy screens on the playground, emergency gate on the playground, new rocks on the playground, a shed for fitness and play equipment, an emergency gate exit by the portables, more fencing to close off the back side of the campus by the portables, new camera system, and additional outdoor lighting.

Thank you Jim! Your are definitely a five star Journey Dad!