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“From small beginnings come great things” ~ proverb

Journey Education is a private K-8th Grade school in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 2007. Journey was built from small and humble beginnings, not unlike those one-room schools from the early 1900’s. Classes originally took place in a renovated home turned schoolhouse with just 12 students.

Founders, Cindy Jensen and Becky Jensen, were looking for the best education they could find for their own children. As their search continued, a vision began to form of a school:

  • A school that educated and developed the whole child while also preparing him or her for higher education.
  • A school that nurtures while also teaching the necessary skills to live a fulfilling life.
  • A school that could devote individual attention to each student.

Our Mission & Vision

After much research and foot work, Cindy and Becky found the perfect way to accomplish their vision. They decided to go outside the traditional education box and formed Journey Education. As word of mouth spread, Journey began to grow. In 2010 they relocated to their current location, a beautiful building at 2710 South Rainbow.

With the help of teachers, parents, and staff Journey students are more than ready to face the world when they leave Journey Education. They have learned the tools needed to become great leaders among their peers and community and they have the education and skills to excel in high school and beyond.

Through the years, Journey Education has continued to maintain its original ideals of small class sizes and individualized learning. We are a non-denominational Christian school and promote Christian values. We are proud of where Journey began and look forward to seeing where Journey will go in the future!

Journey is operated as an exempt school under the provision of NRS 394.211 and as such is exempt from the provisions of the Private Elementary and Secondary Education Authorization Act.


My son, like all children, was born with a "love of learning." As he started progressing in the school district, he became bored, complacent, and restless. His "love of learning" quickly deteriorated and began to manifest as behavioral issues that included acting out and an apathy toward learning, the answer was simple. Find a school that challenged him enough to feed his "love of learning", acknowledge his individuality, and guide him to "do the right thing". I found this in Journey. Journey brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility, and leadership. The small student/teacher ratio allows children to focus on specific areas of educational need. Our family is so grateful for our Journey family.

A proud Journey parent