Is it Good to be Wrong?

As a parent, our children learn from our examples. This includes our good and bad behaviors. The good news is that our imperfections and mistakes can create a healthy example for our children, so [...]

Did You Hear About….?

….How gossiping has a negative effect on children? It is true that gossiping fulfills fundamental needs like feeling a connection with others, providing entertainment, or helping us to feel [...]

Spring Break Endings

Ahhh! Spring!  I love this time of year where everything begins to blossom. This is the time in Las Vegas that we wish the weather would stay just as it is, balmy warm instead of blaring hot. By [...]

Field Day Fun

Despite the wind and worry of pending rain, Journey’s field day ended up being a great success. The weather held for us and was actually just right for running and playing games. Mr. [...]

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